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Beijing Beinei co., LTD. (referred to as Beinei co., LTD.) is a state-ownedlimited liability company, the company belongs to Beijing automotive group co., LTD, registered capital of 160 million RMB, the company has more than 300 employees. Beinei has an experienced management team of production, design, manufacturing. Beinei company predecessor isthe North China Agricultural Machinery general factory which founded on April 11, 1949.Beinei was one of the largest production bases of internal combustion engine, and the earliest introduction of total quality management, the first in the automotive industry company won the national quality management prize. Moreover, Beinei introduced theengine technology,products and equipment from General Motor, and Isuzu vehicle. So far Beinei has produced more than 100 kinds and more than 3 million engine products. Beinei co., LTD adhering to the "Challenging thezero startpossibility, credibility first to create value" value idea, supported by product, by the quality as the core, by the intensive and efficient management, to build up a businesspattern of diesel engine machining ,Hi-tech fixture design, intelligent machinery manufacturing. The existing engine production base is an area of 89008 m2, with a total construction area of 49762 m2.This area has the function of engine production, intelligent system integration ,design and manufacture of machine tool fixture. During the period of "The 13th five-year Planning", the company will constructa modern new base in Tianjin. According to the concept of high efficiency and energy saving concept, the new base in Tianjin will have area 83723.4 ㎡, and construction area 41000 ㎡. Beinei co., LTD set up branch such as Beijing Beinei Diesel Engine co., LTD., Beinei (Tianjin) system integration technology co., LTD., Beinei (Tianjin) co., LTD., Machine&Toolsbranch company. Beijing Beinei Diesel Engine co., LTD. The mainly produce air-cooled diesel enginewith the technology from Germany, this engine support for engineering machinery, construction machinery, generator set, special vehicle, water pump units and other ancillary market. Companies adhere to the idea of innovative, professional, high-tech, export-oriented development, independent development series products of two, three, four cylinder, six cylinder cylinders. The engine has the application of high pressure common rail technology, which put the product technical close to the international advanced level. Theair-cooled engine also have the hi-tech equipment technology, high quality assurance ability, environmental protection and energy saving standards and information-based manufacturing first-class level, which support the engine obtain sales of one hundred million yuan, the products throughout the country, exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America. Beinei (Tianjin) system integration technology co., LTD, is a joint venture company,which consist ofBeijing Beinei co., LTD., ,TS – TECH(South Korea famous automation manufacturers)and DazuTechnology company. The company provide intelligent manufacturing system development and system integration services, and the product focus on intelligent processing and intelligent assembly, intelligent transportation, precise detection, industry energy saving and 4.0 software development in areas such as product development and manufacturing. Meanwhile, the technical management team sent by the south Korean TS - TECH company which has more than ten years robot research and manufacture experience and leading position in the intelligent industry. Beinei (Tianjin) co., LTD., Machine&Toolsbranch company engaged in hi-tech fixture manufacturing, engine trial production, non-standard parts processing business, etc. The company has more than 20 years of experience in machine tool fixture and non-standard parts design and manufacturing. At present, the company is according to idea of fine, specialization, and stronger development, focus on high-end fixture and non-standard parts design and manufacturing. During the period of "the 13th five-year Planning", Beijing Beinei co., LTD., will grasp the opportunity of “Made in China in 2025” and "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei" integration development , improving design and manufacture ability, promote product layout, and upgrade to hi-tech transformation, build up the leading company in the area of off highway Diesel engine and advanced intelligent machinery manufacturing in China.