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Beinei (Tianjin) Total System Tech Co, Ltd (hereinafter referred to as BSI), a subsidiary of BAIC which is the China’s 5th largest automotive group ranked 207 in Global 500, is a leading technology company in power and automation that enable customers to stand out in today’s marketing competitiveness in manufacturing industry. Founded in July 2015, the Tianjin-based BSI is jointly invested by Beinei Co, Ltd, under the charge of BAIC, TS-Tech Co, Ltd, the largest company for automation in Korea and Dazu Co, Ltd. Bringing together experienced brains and expertise in gantry loader manufacturing, our technical team has made almost 300 Gantry Loader production lines. Thanks to these efforts, BSI is leading the way in large-scale gantry loader manufacturing and heavy engineering field. In BSI, longstanding commitment to the community in which it operates reflects our belief that hammer at the world-class solution provider to be part of the smart manufacturing successful story. In the future, BSI will always adhere to our enterprise vision that pioneering the machinery and electric industry to expand our portfolio beyond gantry loader automation to smart machining, smart assembly, automatous handing and precise measuring while further improving our researches and products in industrial energy saving and automation software.